Lynx Motion Technology


Lynx Motion Technology is grateful to be associated with the companies and organizations listed below. It has been our privilege to service and partner with other technology pioneers. Below is a summary of our relationship with a few of our partners.

Kinetic Art & Technology

Kinetic Art & Technology, Lynx’s parent company, is the primary developer of SEMA and related technologies. In addition to constantly refining and improving SEMA technology, KAT is continually advancing the state of the art in motion control through research, development, and innovations in the fields of motor and generator design, production, controls, and integration.

Bodine Electric Company

Bodine Electric Company’s new e-TORQ™ direct drive motor system represents a revolutionary approach to electric motor design. Incorporating Lynx’s SEMA technology, patented e-TORQ™ motors have the potential to alter the way engineers approach rotary motion. The unique coil configuration made possible by the SEMA design results in unparalleled smooth performance in a small and efficient package. These babies rock, but they don't cog. Visit Bodine’s e-TORQ™ page to learn more.

Delco Remy International


Delco Remy International has been a leader in automotive electronics for decades. In recent years they have partnered with Lynx Motion Technology, Kinetic Art & Technology, Electricore, and the University of Tennessee in pioneering the wild frontier of Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology. They have put the fruit of their efforts to the test by participating in the Department of Energy’s FutureTruck competition. Delco Remy’s participation resulted in improved manufacturing techniques of SEMA-based motors, as well as an overall improvement of the motor’s basic design. You can read about the Future Truck competition in Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

SEMA motor on a test stand during an ORNL cooperative development program

SEMA motor on a test stand during an ORNL cooperative development program

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has worked with the KAT/Lynx engineering team in the past, refining the design and usefulness of SEMA technology and specifically assisting in the development of inverter technology that will maximize the usefulness of SEMA motors in hybrid vehicle applications. ORNL participated with Lynx Motion Technology, KAT, and Delco Remy in the development of a hybrid electric vehicle traction motor under the DOE-sponsored AEMD program. A technical team was established that met quarterly to monitor progress, establish direction, and demonstrate development milestones.